Ticket Finance is powering up!

We are teaming up with BitBase.co to launch UpRock, the no-code dashboard creators need to launch their own projects. We will rock you up!

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Another perk for TICKET NFT Owners!

Whilst T-Team is working on the IDO App and evaluating projects to launch on the platform, 1st Class and 2nd Best NFT owners will have the option to staking their NFTs to earn $TICKET!

  • Start Date and duration will be announced
  • During staking period 10 TICKET per hour will be implemented
  • If you have more than 1 NFT, you can stake them all - no problem!
  • Unstake will be an option if you want to list your NFT on the marketplaces

Launch a Project on Ticket

We are offering

  • Growing Community
  • Seamless IDO Process
  • Advisory Services
  • Marketing and Listing Support

We are interested in

  • Fully-dedicated team
  • Actively communicating on socials
  • Unique Projects that fits Ticket Vision
  • Projects that have use-cases

Guarantee“Your” Allocation for 2022

BatchesMembersAmountNFT #PriceDate
1st BatchWhitelistes Members100101-200200K $Ticket2022 Week 1
2nd BatchLiq Pool Farmers250201-450500K $Ticket2022 Week 4
Continuous BatchWeekly Contests & Giveaways1/WeekRandomGiveawayEvery Week
Exclusive BatchAnyone10009001-10000TBA2022

TICKET NFT is the very first “utility-nft” that gives you guaranteed allocation for the upcoming IDOs

  • For 2022, there will be 10,000 TICKET NFTs available for the community to re-shape the launchpad approach
  • It is the first transferable guaranteed allocation introduced by the Ticket Team
  • We will release NFTs in batches as the projects keep launching on the platform — possible batches are in 100, 250, 500, 1000 and so on
  • Each batch will come with different maximum allocation rates to value the NFT as well as the fair platform claim
  • TICKET NFT holders will have the privilege to buy any Token & NFT before everyone else that is launched on the platform
  • For further read go to  Medium Post


Pleased to share our roadmap framework. Since day one, our team is dedicated to execute and develop further what we have written down. While developing TICKET, we may have shortcomings or delay a bit, but our team possesses the startup mind-set, and by embracing co-creation with our community, we will be acting proactively to ‘deliver’.

Whilst -ing each milestone, we will/might come up with new ones along with the community’s feedback and suggestions.

Q4 - 2021

  • Social Media Channels Release
  • $TICKET IDO Whitelist
  • Public Sale within December
  • Airdrop to IDO Participants
  • Start liquidity farming
  • Website Release

Q1 - 2022

  • TICKET NFT #Guaranteed Allocation Framework
  • TICKET NFT Sales
    • 1st Batch
    • 2nd Batch
    • Bermuda Batch
  • Ticket NFT Giveaway: Continuous Batch
  • Launchpad Development and Release
  • Fair IDO Process Setup for Ticket NFT & Token Holders
  • Ticket Airdrop
  • $TICKET Token One-Way Staking
  • Ticket NFT Staking
  • Ticket NFT 3rd Batch Sale
  • Ticket NFT Exclusive Batch Sale

Q2 - 2022

  • DEX for projects launched on The Ticket
  • Ticket NFT Sale with further Batches
  • Ticket Burner with a Unique Mechanism
  • Governance Model Design

T-Team is dedicated to executing the detailed roadmap above. Whilst ticking each milestone, we will/might come up with new ones along with the community’s feedback and suggestions.


The most important ‘T’ is the ‘Team’.

Imagine a team knowing each other
for more than 5 years - some of us 10+.

We all got together and decided to bring the whole experience we have had to a simple mission - to reshape and contribute to the future of the DEFI. We are passionate, dedicated and here to stay!


The T - Creator and CTO

He designs all of TICKET’s infrastructure as the platform develops.

  • 12+ years in software development, product development, data management
  • Skills include Golang and Rust along with several languages and technologies
  • Crypto investor, validator and developer for the past 2 years
  • Daddy, devoted husband, loves cooking and fast cars

The U - Co-Creator and CEO

He is a thinker. TICKET’s product and strategy development is in his hands.

  • Above all, he’s got some communication skills.
  • 14+ years in R&D engineering, business development, international expansion, product development, project management
  • Entrepreneur for the past 5 years with a mediatech company that has more than 200K members, raised over $1M and running in 20 countries
  • Crypto investor and developer for the past 2 years
  • Engaged to be married, dictator of taste, single malt enthusiast, loves boat tripping

The R - Data Analyst

Please welcome our data management lad. He is responsible for increasing the team’s performance with his personality as well as the market input via continuous research.

  • 12+ years in data management, user acquisition, DevOps, budget management
  • Crypto investor and developer for the past 2 years
  • Social freak, OneManShow, CatDad, red meat only, true friend

The S – dApp Lead

He is the gamer in the team and a continuous aydreamer, so expect to see metaverse projects on TICKET.

  • 10+ years in software development, project development
  • Crypto investor and developer for the past 2 years
  • Daddy, collector, foody and he knows finest cuban cigars

The IU - Head of Design

Web3 needs designers like Ibrahim. He is the one that makes Ticket pretty.

  • 12+ years as an art director with global brands
  • UX work on most of the fintech apps
  • 2 kids and a loving husband
  • Enjoying crypto world with royalty fees
Token Allocation
Token AllocationToken Allocation
Token Supply
  • All Team, Advisor & Partners tokens are vested on-chain with a 1 year lock up and then 2 year linear vesting with a monthly cliff
  • Staking/Farming & Rewards will be distributed to the holders as rewards of staking/holding - fully unlocked
  • Strategic & Growth - 3 year linear vesting with a monthly cliff Liquidity - fully unlocked initial liquidity
  • Airdrop goes to whitelist round buyers

By distributing our public sales, we are performing the most fair token distribution possible with no single entity holding large quantities of the supply on launch.

For token vesting, we will use Bonfida’s vesting contracts to lock tokens ahead of the public sale.

Any allocation that did not found owners (eg. remaining token from IDO & Investor round) will be burned on Ticket Burner Machine. The Ticket Burner Machine is currently under development.


TICKET FINANCE is the next-gen fundraising platform offering diversified projects exclusively for Solana Ecosystem.

We chose the name $TICKET to give a clear message to the community, “Get your $TICKET and get access to upcoming IDOs before everyone else.”

Ticket Token is a Solana-based SPL token that is launched for our members to use, stake and convert to get the best of Ticket Platform.

It is represented with a ticker
$TICKET and a contract address:AymKzSDznoLT7Vhsb4wSRnCj1gjcG3zkgYFY8fxsHHer

Please make sure before buying.

Ticket NFT is the very first “utility-nft” that gives you guaranteed allocation for the upcoming IDOs on the Ticket Platform. It is the first transferable guaranteed allocation introduced by the Ticket Team. Noteworthy to specify, NFT owners will have the right to sell/transfer with its rights and benefits.

Whilst the team is developing the swap screen for our web, you can now buy $TICKET via Jupiter.

To have one of the TICKET NFTs, you will need $TICKET tokens. For 2022, there will be 10,000 TICKET NFTs available for the community. Instead of selling the whole lot, Team has decided to sell the NFTs in batches.

1st Batch, branded as 1st class with 100% allocation is sold out to the IDO participants for a price of 200K TICKET. 2nd Batch is reserved for Aldrin Stakers who have staked 250,000 TICKET and equivalent of USDC from Dec 29 to Jan 26.

Branded as 2nd Best with 100% allocation, sale will be live on the 30th of January 3pm UTC.

3rd and further batches will be announced before the 1st IDO.

Addition to the batches, 52 Ticket NFTs are reserved for the weekly contests throughout the year - make sure you follow our Discord #contests channel to participate in the weekly giveaways.

Every Company (Projects) will have their own requirements and they will be under the law of different countries. So, depending on the project it will be announced and there will be a guide to do KYC for projects that need to.

In a nutshell, we will be fulfilling #FairDistribution claim - as it hasn’t been accurately executed. In order to do that, the Ticket Team will be at the forefront, continuously communicating with the community and delivering what is written on the roadmap.

The methods and the products are detailed in the questions below will clarify further how the platform will be managed.

We would fiercely want to point out: Instead of selling 10,000 Ticket NFTs right away and telling you to wait for the projects, we want you to understand better, witness the process and trust our launchpad capabilities as well as the potential of the projects we aim to launch.

Whilst having Ticket NFT would be the best option to participate in the IDOs, second best is to have $TICKETs.

It is a draft, but the flow is certain;

Whitelist will ask you to lock your NFT or your $TICKETs during IDOs, plus few social engagements

A portion of available tokens will be dedicated to Ticket NFT holders — they will be the first to have the buy option

The rest goes to $TICKET holders — we will calculate the total pool and then allocate the tokens based on your locked ticket amount — fair distribution as we promised!

T-Team is continuously active on socials. If you want to a formal correspondence, please use the link below to fill the form: